Whole Home Water Filtration Solutions

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Enjoy your water. Your way.

Every home’s water needs a special kind of care to be all it can be. At Pentair, we’ll give your water the VIP treatment by tailoring a whole home filtration solution to your home water’s specific needs. So that it’s crystal clear, and odor-free. Great tasting from every tap, every time. Easier on appliances, softer on the skin, and as efficient as possible.

Whole Home Filtration Benefits


Point of Entry Excellence

Cleaner water where it enters your home, consistent quality wherever it flows.


Good Stuff In, Bad Stuff Out

We’ll keep all the right minerals in so your water is tastier and happier.


Peace of Mind Partnership

We’ll help you know, own, and love your water through every ebb and flow.

Experience the Pentair Water Solutions Difference

At Pentair Water Solutions, we use our unrivaled expertise to understand each customer’s unique home water challenges and needs, and develop tailored solutions that bring water to life through a seamless and simple one-stop-shop experience that delivers peace of mind.

What's in Your Water?

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