Connected Salt Level Sensor

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Connected Salt Level Sensor


The Simple, Don’t-Forget-The-Salt Solution

How do you know when to refill your water softener with salt? For most people, it’s when the dishes get spotty or the laundry comes out stiff and scratchy, sending them on a special trip to get more salt. Those last-minute trips to buy salt are now a thing of the past with the Connected Salt Level Sensor and the Pentair Home app. This simple, WiFi-enabled device clips easily into your softener’s brine tank and keeps an eye on your salt level. When the salt starts to run low, it sends alerts to your smart device. So you can buy salt ahead when it’s convenient. Not when it’s urgent.

  • Pentair Home app notifies you when its time to add salt by email or push notification
  • Check salt levels anytime, anywhere
  • Easy set up with simple, in-app instructions
  • Universal brine tank clip fits most side-by-side and softener models
  • Easily clips into your brine tank
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Anytime. Anywhere.

Stay in the know, at home or on the go. Easy installation and simple set up. WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility. 24/7 access through the Pentair Home app. The Pentair Connected Salt Level Sensor makes last-minute salt runs – and living with hard water – a thing of the past.

Soft Water, Ensured

It’s easy to forget about your water softener, tucked away in a far corner of the house. With the Pentair Connected Salt Level Sensor and Pentair Home app, you don’t have to think about your soft water. It watches your salt level for you and keeps you in the know. That helps ensure you have uninterrupted soft water for softer skin, shinier hair, and fluffier laundry. Not to mention protection for your appliances.




40057024.5" H x 3.2" W x 2" D (114 mm x 81 mm x 51 mm)1 lb (0.45 kg)
40057024.5" H x 3.2" W x 2" D (114 mm x 81 mm x 51 mm)1 lb (0.45 kg)