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Tailored Solutions Wherever Your Water Flows

Pentair offers customized solutions for  water management, treatment, supply and disposal across a wide range of industries.

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Great Products

Be dependable with top quality products that work harder for you and your customers.


Trusted Brands

Be confident from centuries of combined legacies in delivering smart, sustainable solutions.


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Pentair Solutions

Count on our industry-leading solutions to treat the toughest water applications, keep residential and commercial water and wastewater systems flowing, enable beers to be bubbly, harvests to have ideal yield and other smart ways to put water to work for your customers!


Residential Solutions for Pros

From better tasting water to constant water pressure to automated energy-efficient systems for sparkling pool water, we've got you covered with whole home solutions to keep the water and your business flowing all throughout your customers' homes.


Commercial & OEM Solutions

Superior solutions to provide your business with clean, clear, expertly managed water. Our filtration technologies, water treatment, water supply and disposal solutions offer enhanced sustainability with efficient, low maintenance and high performance operation.


Industrial Solutions

From top quality designed components like valves to rugged pumps to complete filtration packages, our robust portfolio of established solutions are relied on to help deliver the ideal product and results for industrial applications around the world. Support your manufacturing operations with our tailored solutions for better water efficiency and fluid, filtration and flow management.

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Municipal Solutions

Communities thrive on effective access to water, life’s precious resource. Our solutions are tailored to help your water and wastewater utilities keep the water flowing from the water supply to your utility’s consumers to the sewer collection network. And we offer flood control solutions so your municipality is prepared when the water rises. 

Irrigation system in function watering agricultural plants

Agricultural Solutions

Our irrigation management solutions deliver precise, highly-efficient irrigation to sustain your crops and livestock with water’s refreshing nourishment. Spray smarter with precision agricultural spray technologies that protect your prized crops through targeted chemical application.  

Our Trusted Brands

Well-known brands, centuries of combined experience for confident customers and sustainable solutions.

Commercial Brands

Fairbanks Nijhuis

Industrial Brands

Goeyn Mecair
Union Engineering

Municipal Brands

Fairbanks Nijhuis

Agriculture Brands


Pentair Solutions in Action

Helping a Craft Brewery Achieve Better Beer Quality

“The time savings and non-invasive nature of [Pentair Haffman] CO2-Selector allows us to test samples more frequently.This means that the end of refermentation is realized faster, allowing batches to be chilled and shipped out more efficiently. These attributes help us achieve even better quality, which is always our top priority.”

– Heather Muzzy, Quality Control Specialist, Allagash Brewing Company

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Solutions Spotlight

Check on Your Residential Customers Remotely

With your customer’s permission, you can stay connected and receive status updates on your customer’s home water system with Pentair Pro App. Be in the know when issues arise so you can be better prepared before you get to the job.

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